Monday, December 7, 2009

Bangalore's best weekend \m/

an account of a 2day - 1night journey into nature's own land..

place: nagarhole national park
through: bmc
by: 11 bitsians(me, kt, radha, sharat, pp, vollelo, abha, ved pragyan, sania, asmita & anshul (pilani)) & 6 others
date: 5th & 6th december

The weekend came closer & closer and we (me & kt) were desperate to push the limits of weekend out of city, after all it was the last weekend for us...
People were tentative & had numerous reasons to jump out of the plans; I had no hopes of us making it but for persistence from kt (yea, due credits)
At last six of us were ready (exclude the gals & the pilani guy from the above list) & the cost came out at 2350 per head.

The 1st surprise was in the form of our batch mates who joined us in the bus for our camping trip (the 5 gals).. We started at around 6:40 on saturday morning and reached Camp Leopard Rock (as its called in the outskirts of nagarhole national park) having our break fast on the way...

Static tents & river view greeted us there and we 6 of us took a single tent & had lunch later on in the ant-lion den (the name of our dining hall there :D) ..

Around 2 our introductions were done & had some fun games like Virtual volleyball, Carpet folding and some other games of unknown names :)

Later we had Ladder Climbing & River Crossing activities as a part of Soft Adventure activities (O.o) which had enough hard adventure for me to sweat in and out..

It was then time for platinum peak of thrill and boundless ire of excitement - its rapelling time... its nothing but walking on a rock.. only difference being that the rock here is rotated 90 degrees.. he explained us how to do it... and its all in believing him that nothing ugly could happen.. As facts need to be accepted- People who feel living is a waste or rather feel they've lived enough could enjoy these adventure activities to the maximum, atleast thats what i felt :)

The night was lit up by the camp fire in the electricity less (moon less too) area and the remainder of the night was spent in chatting, antyakshari and all other regular stuff


We woke up early as instructed and boarded into the bus as we started off for National Park... We boarded a different bus (a glass view) in the park for a jungle safari which lasted for about an hour which had feelings of disappointment caused due to over expectations (to see tigers & lions) lapping over satisfaction of a first time safari in a jungle..

We returned to our base around 12 in the noon and wasted little time before letting ourselves into white water rafting (my sole reason for the trip)..
Our instructor Mr. Sudheer explained us all the to-knows of rafting and then it was all fun and enjoyment - it would only be an insult to think of explaining it fully in blogs or through pics; Had a good swim deep inside the river jumping off from the rapelling tube (excuse me for not knowing exactly what its called) ; And later had a race as we were divided into 2groups for the rapelling

Volleyball(real this time) with wet clothes was great thereafter with almost all the guys in the trip took a game; following it up with mail exchanging for obvious reasons..

As we are coming to an end of a great trip, thanks has to be told to bmc (bangalore mountaineering club) for their really good organization with high safety standards making our trip an eventful one

This's gonna stay in my memory for a long, real long time as my 1st rafting/rapelling experience

(for more pics, peek into my facebook album)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes Terror finds NO ONE

Just a week after finding myself a HOUSEFUL BOARD after debating up with a Kannada guy, squeezing myself into a tissue paper, and waiting 3 & half hours in the cloudburst...i just could not imagine that this could happen to me again. Yes, i was talking about Magadheera (for 1st day 2nd show).

Yeah, it's been quite some time i've written something over here, but still I find this the perfect one i couldn't stop myself publishing it over here. Many a times i thought about writing - be it about my GRE; about my ps2 station Broadcom India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore or its 1st month experiences (i agree its all about money and boredom); about my city where i supposedly ate farex for 3yrs and yet remember nothing-Bangalore ;) but none could bring me out of my lazyness or rather get me out of my feeling why write blogs when you just couldn't get yourself a decent GRE score...hmm wierd/logicless rite? :)

Well coming to the point of this blog, after a heated up discussion on rgv, me & kt went to the 10pm show of Agyaat(hoon mein) & we're the 1st to enter into the theatre at 9:50pm. We were waiting and waiting and then finally "welcome outside" came the shout (rather jus a small call..i thought it was so loud and harassing that i could only come out of it after a minute). We were the only two guys or noobs or idiots or kasi dogs, watever way u call it to come for the movie show & no one else turned out and thus the cancellation of the show..yea SHOW CANCELLED (5th day 2nd show). The theatre guy later asked us to go to some other movie instead of it in the multiplex, but i just couldn't get into any other coming in for a rgv product :P

Well you could call it an embarrassment, i would take it as a once in lifetime experience....dat too for free :D going in, coming out!!!

NOTE: Don't misunderstand me to be a movie freako coz of dis blog, just as I wrongly interpreted the rgv's blog

But whatever happens, rgv \m/

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My YearBook Testimonials

Ujwala Kovvuri on 4/30/2009 12:51:15 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ Ajay... pro when it came to math, unbeatable in confidence (was one of the few ones who shot their hands into the air when a teacher asked who was sure of being at the IIT!!!), shy when it came to speaking to girls :P and my idea of a cool dude :) It is truly amazing to know a person like him who can takes odds lite reminding me of the lines from the poem IF... "If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster, And treat those two imposters just the same..." Yes, this is what he is... there were many many times he was let down.. wanted to b a 10 p (he has the potential rey..that's y regrets na...oops! i forgot! u have a free semmmmmm), friends (me in particular who doesn't let go of anything under the sun :( ) but these were no reasons too big to forgive and forget. Amidst all these r his passion for sport, patience with spoil, patent for stability and the best of all.. pleasantness of smile :) What is bad and sad abt him is that he keeps all sorrow to himself.. even if u sense something wrong he wouldn't disclose.. but this is no hinderance for one to approach him with all he has to say and there u'd find Aj listening to u.. ready with his opinion abt it at the end and a solution as well :) An ardent music lover..listens to all kinds! (to me also :) ) There is this air of assurance associated with him that never wavers and all urs with just being an acquaintance. here is Ajay just behind the curtains of silence that will open to u anytime and spread the warmth and compassion for life! P.S. : there is something i never tried but urge u do... pick up a debate abt Ganguly :P Read his blogs at they r really good!! ”

Ch Raghu Nandan on 4/28/2009 9:33:19 PM wrote the following testimonial :
“ Waaaasssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... ajjole
1st thing that I remember abt him is his sense of humuor ... nice... and the way he laughs off at things ...ultra cool.... never seen him angry except when I irritated him :D nice height bt cant compete with me :P...
Pro @ maths and puzzles esp sudoku.... doesn't like wrking hard (lazy librans :-/ , now don't argue over tht :P) and a hardesttt core cricket fan... esp ganguly
Of course, he cudn't tell something he wanted to say ... : (lite macha... we \m/ anthe) however, he has many a fans ;) and this guy recently started a blog...(may be 1 thing he does/checks regularly :P)
Sometimes irritates with multicasts or msgs saying "y0y0 me started prep for xams" >:-[ but gets nice shirts/ shoes and stuff frm vizag :-* :D Some noticeable things include his way of sleeping :D and laughing and his way of studying....way different frm others....
However I hv to agree with pramod in saying tht vista, china fones etc sukk :P and 1 suggestion: improve ur taste wrt songs :P
To follow the convention I say "U ROCK" and "ALL THE BEST"... bt don't wry tht we've PS2 in diff sems... I'm nt going to leave u :->
and for aj's note esp: read "PS" of wht I've written to pram... the same applies 2 u :D ”

sasank on 4/25/2009 12:24:53 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ ajay...aka BENGOOL Tiger
a die hard fyaaan of dada(retired tiger....) have known him almost for the past three years,one thing i could understand is dat this guy can't sleep in d nite unless his light is switched on... initially i used to think that he studies all thru the nite...but conditions apply:during exams the same guy keeps studyin all thru d nite....dis time with lites off i remember sticking up a notice on his door in the very first week of coming to BITS stating dat 'PLZZ SWITCH OF UR ALARM...IT'S REALLY DISTURBING ME'....he still remembers dat... a gud boy,a topper boy,a tall boy .... he's been like a stationery shop to me lending pencils,rubbers,pens etc....
anyways ra....keep going,u hav a great future ahead... all d best for everything in ur future

Tarun Reddy Challa on 4/24/2009 8:06:38 PM wrote the following testimonial :
“ 'Mofo' dats how i like 2 call him ( though he's nt :P). we knew each other from first sem n became closer and closer as b'days keep coming .. then i was searching for sum1 who likes 2 do watever comes to his mind at that instant ( just like me :)) then i realized its him ...
I think from dat day onwards we (ajju me n praj)'ve been njoying the BITSIAN life 2 the fullest possible let it be -our Nite walks ( wch includes teasing gals :P) , -the hours spent in enjoying the Jhopdi Omlet(thats our fav hangout in the campus ), -or our lunch sessions in Vasco .. -VIZAG trip , it was simply awsome dude -very recently wat he call a week to remem ( Ugadi celebrations , maggi revolution n Ascii arambol trip ) -last but not the least carroms ( i call it perfect duo , dunno how but we've been winning against ny team[WINNING SPREE], he told me dat we bcame pro's , den we openly challenged to defeat us n thnx guysfor the response :P)
besides all these sweet memories 'm very jealous of him ( for 6.2' height n his talent :P) He's the Sudoku Champ ( i learnt frm him in 3-1 _/\_) n has too much math capability .. n he's very cool n caring frnd 1 needs
being having similar intrests hope we'll end up together again in same place ... Wish u All the Best for ur planned bright future !!!

G.R.M.Venkatesh on 4/24/2009 11:53:54 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ Ajju.. is wt i call him...good friend...he takes things li88 very easily... Foduu at studies...pure CSE guy.Spends most of the time in common room nowadays but before always roaming with girls(here also foduuu)...he looks like a lazy guy on his first look but a very hard worker(his CG tells that),sincere,jovial person.Very rare allrounders are found like him..... All the Best ra.. :) ”

padma priya on 4/24/2009 2:25:35 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ after 2 years of knowing him the first thing that comes to my mind about ajay is his stubbornness in ideas, u just can never argue with him and hope to win... sometimes even drives the other person to a point of frustration. other than that, he is a very friendly and caring person. loves to tease ppl. has great gk. very strategic. does not work hard but works smart (knows exactly what to prepare for in an exam), in the end manages good grades with one day prep. knows what he wants and more importantly how to get it. all the best in everything u do..... ”

R Sharat Chandra on 4/23/2009 11:43:02 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ Ajay....known him since d 3rd class.Got separated in 8th as he changed his school.I was very excited when i saw him after a long tym in bits(almost 5 yrs).This guy has been titled the "Speed boy of Vizag" in 7th ...nd frm then until nw his proficiency in maths has been high.One of d first to solve any difficult problem in d cat classes.very friendly person,hardworking nd has a lazy kind of walk.All d best for gre nd may u hav a gr8 future ahead.. ”

Mourya on 4/23/2009 10:55:11 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ Ajay...what can i say abt this...6 feet tall,extremely talented,very helpful,calm,blah,blah,blah........and always keeps a funny and innocent face.he is a good friend of mine,we miss u...... ”

Pramod Vadlamani on 4/23/2009 3:09:54 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ dont ask me how and y we 1st met for i cant answer.... :P we met , we roamed, we saw, we commented , we enjoyed, we boozed and that was life... 1-1 is wen we met roamed the lenght of campus atleast twicce a day njoyin all kinds of beauties :P 1-2 half of it was in his room as lan in my room was fked up(new comp :)) 2-1 roam roam roam this time out of campus... can never forget that day in ginza.. "bhayyaa..... one more 30... one more small :P :P" and ya... almost all the happy stories end there and starts the bitter part of bits life ... classes :x cdc's subjects 2-2,3-1 and 3-2 but still they were awesome i shud say full credit ogoes to u only saaar... we always are caught chatting by almost evry teacher but the best part is only he's caught :P one guy who tries to support things like vista,china phones and vizag (even he know's they suck :P) the best part comes during the day b4 exam with msgs like "started?" "y0y0 me starting study" popping on ur screen disturbing sessions :P... a uniwue way of studying. with all due apologioes to evry1 there are 2few ppl in this campus who escaped our comments :P i can confidently say it was all possible cos it was aj... wudntve been wuite the same with evry1 else. a match of freqeuncies in atleast a lot of issues (height , electives :P :P) is the best of our 3yrs.
till 3-1 i alays used to wonder hw does he mange to get watever grade he wants :P this is an awesome sudoku player, with definitely a higher level of IQ than many and too gud a t solving puzzles.. if u dont blive me try him... i bet u may sometimes even have to face humiliation (no DF...) he's wuick at learning the subject and also wuick at finding shortcut paths to success...
i thot wed be seperated as he's supposed to ahve his ps in sem2, but now y0y0y0y0 we'l be back to rock and roam on the roads of goa... this time god mode with full cash...... y0y0y0y0y0y0y0000000
dude... uve alooong way to go... im sure ull prove its easier than it seems to be.... have a bright and sexy future :)
dont marry .... be happy :P :P
PS: girls bveware this guy is magnetic :) ”

Srujana Sadula on 4/21/2009 2:32:44 PM wrote the following testimonial :
“ He is my ps1 mate. Very friendly. Helpful person. Even i got the wrong picture before which changed during course of time. Used to share the same kinda opinions about ps station, the faculty incharge and things which we liked and disliked.Most of the times me,aishwarya and him used to stay together me enjoing the fun fights b/w aish and him. All the best .. Have Loads of fun :-) ”

Kailash.N on 4/21/2009 4:25:37 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ anna......namsthe my first friend in BPGC... of all things he possess i like the confused face he has.....wen he can speak no words then his face is filled with such an expression that anyone who sees that wud laugh...first of all the tall structure doesnt suit his way of talking and facial expressions......but still he is a great person....his company was always joy to me and thats wat makes me feel here is ajay beside me...... all the best ra pls keep in touch with me atleast i cannot afford to miss a frnd lik u
\m/\m/ Y.V.S.Ajay \m/\m/ ”

Karthik Paratamsetti on 4/21/2009 2:23:50 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ best frend to have. gives cash wenever u ask :D ”

N.V.S. Sudheer on 4/15/2009 9:24:32 PM wrote the following testimonial :
“ penu thuphanu thala 'etthi' chuse tholi nippu kanam ajay
thats about his height :P... really good pal to have... used to visit my room in 1st sem and is the biggest fan of venkatesh i've ever met... loves cricket very much and a big fan of ganguly... claims that he likes arsenal and blah blah... i dont take that :P... watches lots of movies... has good sense of humor... loves math... plays fifa(amateur though):P...
supports me a lot when i am playing... the only guy who never uninstalls fifa for my sake :P...frequent companion to cafeteria... not bad at carroms :P... loves moving about with his friends...
sad that we have to part ways in a month... am sure he'll make it big in his career... is a biiiiig fan of AA :P... keep guessing
stay lively like u always have been... have a sexy future :) ”

swaroopa on 4/15/2009 2:16:08 PM wrote the following testimonial :
“ the first imp-ression u would get wen u see this 6'2'' ft tall guy is that he is vey innocent,calm n bla bla bla.......but if u get to know abt him u will immediately find that not even one quality is true!!!!! he is a champ of mathematics n especilaly sudoku..........(studies gurunchi neeku ade ekkuva le) He is always cool n i hav never seen him losin his temper in the last 2 1/2 yrs.(even wen i hav fought wid him n said some very harsh words..sry 4 that).. here is a guy with whom u can talk about any thin ..let it be cric,tenis(though he doesnt know much),business.... i really like the times we have spent together....both in hyd n in ps1 would have been borin if not 4 him... I donno how we ended up bein frnds though none of our tastes match..(not even one!!!!!!!!!) we always end up arguin abt eveythin n anythin.... He is very rigid.....i have been tryin to change his mentality frm the past 2 yrs.....n i failed very badly in it.....he is my guru n has successfully taught me how to steal...(hahhaha ..plates in mess...........not payin in insti..).. hope u achieve watever u want in ur future,...all the best........n plzzz keep in touch..(ee sari lekapothe inka cheppadalu undavu.....) ”

D.Preeti Rani on 4/13/2009 12:05:14 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ ajay ,a look of a calm n composed guy always ever since i knew u in intermediate :)....but came to know his even sweeter side after comin to bits..(remember how u used to sweetly ask me to tie u rakhi n the choclates used to giv always :)n d call u made on my bday!was sweet coz u remembered it was a surprise n made me really happy :))can go on talkin with him coz hes a patient listener :P..wished would hav spent more time wit u in bits :(..but anyways in a nutshell this guy is sweet ,caring ,affectionate n has a great potential to achieve his dreams ..keep goin bro!!:). ”

C V AISHWARYA on 4/12/2009 10:36:47 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ ajay..i didnt know at all til my 2nd yr..but eally got 2 know him durin my PS 1 when we all were arguin wit pilani guys abt which is bttr goa or pilani campus.. he was a gr8 support to me there.. :P ajay.. as much as i noe u..u r very approachable n calm guy.. he giggles very sweetly... haha i find him very affectionate n he luks like a person who can give his life for friends.. plz treasure him.. he is very valuable.. i came 2 noe more abt u when i read testis written by others n i'm suprised 2 know many things abt u.. thnx 4 lettin me noe u bttr all the best.. keep in touch :) aish ”

Mihir Mangesh Mehta on 4/12/2009 10:00:45 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ Ajay...we are COMMON ROOM friends...whenever there is cricket match this guy will b at late night or early in the morning...b ther any exam or not...very cool n funny guy...likes to take shooting abt all funny things happening in common room... has knack of teasing ppl.... keep rocking dude :) ”

GV Anirudh on 4/12/2009 1:14:50 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ This da guy who rote my first testi...thanks a lot dude..:). If ther are few ppl who come to classes to make fun.. hes one among then... always crackin pjs,we guys hav nice timepass in between classes,nd this is a fun to be with.Wanna be blogers tht we were, changed into a reality wit both us strtin to blog together,long way to go dude.. lets blog our way into glory...:P, and yea... one more of our common interests,FIFA lets become a proficient in tht to..:D.hav fun njoy...u r sure to scale gr8 heights.. ”

Atul Sandur on 4/11/2009 2:48:07 PM wrote the following testimonial :
“ his calmness is his forte...extremely cool....never saw him fluttered these 3 years...and obviously real smart, he seems to know his stuff and how to get things done...not to mention his readiness to help in any situation(once i woke him up in the night just for a pair of scissors)...he is having a blast now in college and gearing up for doing great things in life...:) ”

Sai Sailesh K on 4/11/2009 9:32:21 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ Ajay is probably the coolest guy I have met and also probably the only guy whose initials are almost as long as his name :P. I remember meeting him during my schooling and it was a pleasant surprise to see him again in the campus and that to in CS. No matter whatever you say he has something cool to offer about it and I have never seen this guy getting piseed off on anything or anybody. Great frnd who always has a positive aura around him.
P.S: Ajay \m/ ”

Karthik Paratamsetti on 4/11/2009 12:29:40 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ wassa ”

Chaitanya Kumar Reddy.C on 4/11/2009 12:05:07 AM wrote the following testimonial :
“ AJAY one of ultra cool guy.calm n silent but each word of him make sense.i still admire his solitude. he knows what he want n how to get them.wazzaaa!!! ”

Friday, April 17, 2009

MY BitsGian Life...Reflections

“We all have our time machines. Some take us back, they're called memories. Some take us forward, they're called dreams.”

3years is a long time anywhere except here in college...a wide known fact anyone have to accept...i proudly say today m a bitsgian but still there are moments (ya, not one) when i felt i've done the biggest mistake of my life coming here (though the moments were short lived and out of frustration on other things, rather than on the college..but still i felt)...

the night (1st night in campus :P) still remains fresh in my memory wen i felt so insecure and tensed (coming out of home for the 1st time) 1st day in the campus...standing in the long queue for the registration having absolutely no idea who'll be joining me through my journey

i somehow prefer calling my period in BITS -a journey rather than a high voltage entertainment package...a journey dat has endured all the hurdles, from teenage bumps to youth jumps and helped me realize life's not gonna give u everything u expected...and more importantly told me that you are NOT the King..( i m aint telling the sad hard part of the story but you ask truely yourself, and u'l know wat m saying)

high hopes-of making it big in the college, 10 cg-who else cud get it other than me, gre-bang n chalo US..(for i thought its the way only way out from the ever boring job life...but today it still remains my dream...but with a small seems to be my only way out in this recession ;))

i've done some of the things i've never done before (talking with gals..i mean the amout of time spent, eating food worth a penny...yea it will, and this can b continued on and on)...and i've never done a few things which i used to do before so much(playing games...donno wat happened but suddenly a big full stop to it during 1st sem)..

attended all classes on the 1st day...infact was at my class by 7:40 while the tutorial was at 8am...went straight to library after the 1st class..opened all the reference books & tried to analize which one' s better...i still laugh my stomach out wenever i think of it...for it lasted all no more than 4 days by which the air in the campus got inside me...

still cant remember exactly how i passed my time in the 1st year widout a comp...just the worst of worst things that cud happen to me rite now is me losing my lap...but then i still advice any new entrants to not to bring their laps in the very 1st yr...'cos the relations made in the 1st yr widout a lap, the fun of going to people's rooms, the long walks & the silly talks will all be diminished if not extinct...

so, the relations made in the 1st year were the best relations made and will remain so for me...and i guess it will be the case for any of you...
people meet, people talk, people forget, & people meet again (new ones)...but after 3 years, you are left with people whom you wish u never have talked at all...whom u wish u shud hav talked a bit before, whom u wish to continue having them along through yur life, wish u change a few things back; of course the present lies there before us & standing tall, telling us to take how it came & part ways for the future unknown ones to take over the places in our lives

as naming all wud simply make me sleep on this chair instead of naming, i'll rather take the easier way out here
i.AH5 \m/- made it the next best thing to be frm home...
ii.AH8 kasi dogs-u ppl made my 3rd yr -the yr to look out for (in fact the reason behind me attending classes)
iii.Ch4 junta-u ppl made me change me u knew it

things that were hard to bear are sweet to holds true for most of the instances here for me in bits....

to be continued...
keep waiting for more

Monday, April 13, 2009

Testimonial Time

testimonial = Something given or done as an expression of esteem

i donno wer to start but must say i was the one who was really xcited wen i came to knew about this yr buk

i wasnt actually expecting it dis early but then anyway its spree time wid 4 holidays to write for

day 1...i started to write for whomever i knew just to become the 1st one to write a testi for them..wid just testi written inside it..(dont worry i'l write one better shortly)...i actually feel one shud b writing testimonial for everyone he knew (a bit)...just xpress anything he feels to...doesnt really matter short or big...he's talkin currently or not....he's a boy or a gal....afterall u've been seeing them for last 3 years...

m just not getting any m ore words for testis now...

keep waitng for more
more on reflections on MY bitsian life in my next blog

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ASCII trip \m/ bow down for the best

i donno wat's the timing wid my starting of my blog but m just getting more n more things to write about...donno if its der everyday...or m just able to identify 'em now
now coming to the point of the topic, its ASCII trip (cse group: bits-pilani, goa to Arambol....its rather a cdc trip wid all people doing cdc subjects can come ...meaning the people we've been through out the year....we've been discussing about the trip from around 2weeks & kudos to Sailesh (clockwork) for delivering wat he's promised...unlike the t-shirt :(
the trip was scheduled on 7th april, being a holiday for mahavir jayanti...we were supposed to be ready at the gate by 8:30am & so i was waked up by 8am...i was there at the gate by 8:45 completing my breakfast...many were present even as i went but the time all of us came (54 ppl) it became 9:15 and we started smoothly
initially everything was calm & going on till this speakers of the bus went haywire & everyone had to shout literally to make it shut...the shouts dat started then had to be stopped only wen the bus halted in was all fun with the ppl dividing themselves into two teams...north & south...for the was violent, loud, filled with extreme was the first time i saw ost of the people in the bus in that kind of emotion...
we got there by around 11:15am and headed straight into the beach, we got our shorts & stuff..we were in the beach for around 2hrs with the footbal & tennis bal we got, after which we divided ourselves into 2 grps-one playing football & the one playing cricket; The one most important thing i liked about the trip was the fact that the entire lot have never divided itself into groups based on language or interests for most of the time...gals joined as we started cricket and it bought more fun (yoyo we won the match)...
its time for mess....sorry for lunch in the shack (the order which was given an hr before) at around 2pm
the lunch, have to accept it, it was very much satisfying & a bit unexpected though-deviating frm the normal tradition of taking the lunch along with you, when u go for trips like these with so many ppl as it gets; btu we had a pretty much normal resto kinda lunch surprisingly;
there were both non veg & veg menus & u gotta choose one of 'em...(me non-veg ob)...everything was orderd per table of 4 & there were 7 tables of non veg & 5 tables of veg
non veg menu (per table): 1 chicken masala, 1 butter chicken, 1 egg & chicken mix curry, 8 butter naan, & 1 chicken lasganiya something(cheese with chicken)
veg menu(per table):paneer kolhapuri, malai kofta , 8 butter naan& something i dint know
we had drinks (soft, of course- there are gals ppl)) for which we paid ourselves...& me & praj ordered have even ordered a tomoto omletter int he was 3 & most of 'wem had already left for the lake which was on the other side of the mountain...we(around 10guys) relaxed for abt 20mins in the shack and then set out for the lake.....
as we slowly crawled to the lake watching the beauty of the nature through the mountain side, we reached our final destination-the lake; it was my first time & it was really gud, something i immediately remembered seeing it was the godavari snanam i recently had wen v ( colony aur buj ke saath) went to papikondalu people divided into lots of groups-namely the swimming camp, the trekking camp, the watching group, & the playing grp (beat it hard)....i took my time in all the groups xcept the trekking one which i dint knew abt....the time was at its best...mass floating by around 6 six of us...catching ones hand another together was the best time adn also the duck float, forward float, back float, holding breath to name name a few...we spent arnd 2 & half hrs body cramped a bit near the left biceps but i was fine & eager for more.,.never did i thought the pros (kasi gods) to njoi the way they was memorable...
next scene, the cake scene-we were almost the last ones to return to our shack frm the lake & ppl were ready wid the cake waiting to be cut...yummy chocolate yummy.....
time for group pic,,,& then we had to go bak to the bus kept somewer out...* m absolutely tired looking for someone who can pull me to the bus atleast if not carry me....i had already drank 3-4 water bottles by then & still felt thirsty....
so i just got into the bus & grabed a seat for myself in the last row & was about to sleep for comfortable 2hrs.....just then i got a kurkure i think(jus dint have the time to see wat it is),,,waah wat a timing...we even got soft drinks of all brands...i sipped one after another all..adn they were in excess...i wasnt expect dat in for the money & it sprang me bak into life...ppl were singing songs all around & melodious ones this time (it was all mass & fast beat ones the morning session in bus)...i joined and there was no look ended as we came to our home...the campus
we had one more foto session for the combined grp, boys & gals....there were bumps too for *a lucky few* :P
people interested to take cues out of our trip to organize theirs are welcome and can take it for free (hmm..ya i was asked by my friend the details to have their trip...and i asked him to wait & read my blog...and i'm pretty confident there wud be many more)
i could easily rate it among the top ones i had in campus, & the most memorable one of the lot i had in a long time...thanks to everyone who came & made the trip a success & sympathize those who missed out... y0y0 ASCII \m/

Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Ugadi 09" @ Bits-Pilani,Goa Campus \m/

i wasn't actually sure about the way how it would go this time as it clashed rite into the heart of our test 2 dates & also i was uncertain b'cos of the given fact that the main organizer for the last 2 yrs..harsha konduri was missing dis time around
The celebrations dis time have to be pushed back a little for the tests to take their toll first and surprisingly the customary 3 parts of celebrations (special andhra thali
(lunch) ; screening telugu movie and; the culturals) have got a new friend dis time in the form of tollywood quiz dis time \m/ the former two were done on the day before (3rd april) & yeah, when better than on the auspicious occasion of ram navami to set off the celebrations ( yuppy its a holiday too...but got myself an extra class of 2 hrs :( )



Part1: The Special Lunch

hmm so rite after the classes at 12pm (i dint attend the ram navami pooja bcos of the goddamn clas... & got my fair amount of dosage from my mom for it),v went directly to the mess(me tarun & prajeeth...later joined by kartheek & pa
ddu (senior ;)) to be the first to grab my fifty rupees lunch( yes v andhrites paid for it, else where do u thing the whole college including the faculty get the lunch free from)..
.the lunch menu : mirchi bajji, papad, dabulka meeta (sweet....jus asked my friend the name of it), endi mirapakay, tamarind rice, puri, cauliflower pakoda, gongura pachadi, avakai pachadi, potato kurma, dadhojanam, mango dal, sambar & panakam
well all the items were good & expected a better curry ( brinjal would have made it yummy)... i wasn't all that hungry & should have actually taken it an hr later...but managed to taste all the items & was vvery much satisfied with the food & the gals who make it look rich with their langa vonis, & sarees ( v actually had to go to the other mess C( for which the faculty came) to find them wer they were in good numbers) so dats it with the mess or lunch or spl lunch rather... & had to go to room & hav a good nap for my food to digest

Part2: The Movie
movie: Ready

people pondered about the movie for over a month-over the possible choices & wich one would make a good one to view it all together...and in the end, had to say it bcame quite an easy option to select...with no other good movie in the race...& Ready being the latest dvd rip out in dc so there's no kind of voting dis time for the movie...( wich certainly creates much unwanted commotion) & everyone's happy with the pick
movie time night 7:45pm...& the venue's been outdoor lawns instead of the auditorium, as people liked it the previous time....english subtitles too were kept for the movie on the demand of non-telugu people (with the last time super success of happy days \m/)...i was there at the lawns by 8pm and the most comedy show of the week ka Paul interview was shown after which the long awaited trailers of heroes, heroines & comedians started later (with everyone shouting for their own stars...literarally converting it into win ur star with your shout contest) & in an alphabetical order dis time to show no hierarchy...
movie started around 9pm and i went for my dinner & then rushed bak for the movie in 20min....the movie as i already saw it rocked & finished at11:30pm...(jus the time when we should supposedly be in our hostels....) & everyone rushed back to
their respective hostels



Part 3: Tollywood Quiz
this one is completely new & was being conducted first time int he campus as per my knowledge...i found it exciting enough and thus made a grp wid tarun & prajeeth...& rushed to lt4 at 5:30pm....i tried my level best to remeber a telugu face who doesnt see movies & found none :(...
so der at the venue.....dozens of groups were found waiting to unveil their special knowledge....
the event started around 6pm...wid preliminary round of about 40 questions...on paper...and we got 33 correct & guess wat....we didn't advance to the next the average was 34 ...hell is the second round was a typical quizzing round wid questions of various marks & Animuthyalu \m/...the questions were easy -difficult-very difficult...thus giving way to the lucky few anyway i felt lucky enough to be on the audience side for allowing to get ourselves a few bar one chocolates( for audiences questions...and we got 'em till they ran out of stock) it was cool, fun, & above all an enjoyable experience we left it at 9pm feeling ouselves tired(no ac :( ), & hungry...the next rounds were awesome as told by friends with videos & stuff...but i just cudn't hang on there for details..................



Part 4: Culturals
the most awaited part of ugadi celebrations were kept for sunday evenin dhamaka....the event was attended by Goa Andhra Association honestly speaking, i didnt have any high expectations & was justing hoping to have some good time pass...but from the time of its prayer song to the ending thanking note....which was surprisingly small this time :D everything fell just in the rite place
the show supposedly to be started at 5:30pm..with all the time at its feet 7 making mokery of the very few who attended on started at 6:45pm
culturals: prayer song, kuchipudi dance, duet, group dance, unconventional music, ka lol interview, bits tv9 news, concept dance, gals two to dance, boys two to dance, imitating dance, mimickry, tollywood fashion show ( a never before show....obviously the pick of the lot)
i could easily say this was the one show in which no single event of which has made me feel to leave the auditorium....
i thank the andhra samithi for their efforts & making this a grand success this time \m/
final ga cheppochedi enti anaga ugadi kummindi ee sari ani...adhi vishayam

keep waiting for more

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The start up ( first one!!!)

Atlast, almost nearing the 1st anniversary of my account in blogger i've finally decided to start write blogs myself for the sake of my account & also to get myself good practice ahead of my gre exam ( oh yes its on 2nd july...wish me luck ppl) :P
well as m famously known for my laziness & indolence, it showed even into dis i only felt writing blogs as of wasting my energy, time & intellect equally alike and even thought of it as something dats done only by a few net freaks and lonely dumbos who are dying to get themselves acknowledged
obviously gre wasnt my sole reason to start writing blogs now ( aint a reason at's just a reason to tel ppl to prove myself a pro fro or watever u call it), i was actually in hell boredom at 2:00am in the morning waiting to see the hour hand move 5 more degrees to go watch the cricket match in the c'mon rum wid india placed at 375/9 overnite(ind-nz 3rd test end of 1st day)
after all dumb chats wid everyone possible, i was looking for these fwded mails in my inbox which usually it'll be flooded with & i found a mail frm my frnd asking to visit his blog, which made me remember of my site(dis site) & here i'm writing all dis crap for u to read
i actually had to search for my site...'cos i actually registered in a couple (or triple) of 'em & my memory's gud enough to get me bak to my site within three searches :P
after all dis..the feeling's been gud & i might b tempted myself writing another one tomorow itself( well not bcos der's match tomorrow too and i assure it wud b something more meaningful ;) )
well bfore u lock ur rooms to cum kick my ass (if in campus) or search my name across the gtalk to lambast i wud rather safely end dis one wid a 100 million smiles to you :)
keep waiting for more !!!