Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lokpal - A Jokepal? Or Is it? And do you have to support?

To clear any ambiguity, the answer to the title is Yes, hell you have to support - both the cause and the means leave aside the man who's leading it. Its been over a year when i blogged last and i almost thought i gave it up when people forced me in writing this one with their obnoxious thoughts.

Well coming to the point, there are many to ponder or rather discuss. One of the many things i hear is that "Many who support Anna Hazare do not know what the Jan Lok Pal bill is about." I agree, all they know is that its against corruption and they need to be educated about it. But, I can vouch that not all of them supporting Anna Hazare are ignorant of the bill and I accept the arguable limitations in the implementation of the bill. Given all this, one should accept the fact whatever has been drafted is drafted for the good of the nation taking example from the ICAC of Hongkong. Well it worked there perfectly, didn't it?

Secondly, for all those who've read the bills and not supporting the same - "What are you doing by not supporting the current bill? Are you in support of the Govt Lok Pal Bill? NO. Well i'll tell you what you are doing (without knowing it yourself may be) - you just don't want anything to happen; Status quo is all you're looking for. You could neither propose a more feasible alternative nor support the current one. Finding something bad with the proposed version gives you the moral satisfaction of not doing anything about it. There is nothing worse than criticizing the current version when you cannot point out what can be done to improve it. This ain't a movie where you can write a critique and leave. Afterall, a nation is boiling over a cause whose repercussions are well known. This is a rare opportunity when a majority of voices are shouting for its freedom from corruption and don't spoil it with your needless and senseless arguments siting loopholes from the Jan Lok Pal bill. Those are essential conditions if you want to see this nation a corruption free state. Have some hope people. Being a pessimist all the time, thinking what if the people in Jan Lok Pal (if enacted) become corrupt is going to lead you nowhere. Atleast it could go no bad than the current system. Anything is better than the current state of affairs. You gotto to accept this - there is nothing more to lose.

The protest is for the primary issue - the what part, and we have much more time to discuss the secondary issue - the how part of the bill. I doubt if we could replicate these many voices again in the near foreseeable future and do something useful out of it, but still if you think sitting silent saying i support the cause but not the bill nor the means makes you more of an intellect, I can only pity you and my country which has more intellects who would rather sit and read rather than doing something about it.

Well I almost forgot the means part of it. How do you want them to protest instead. Is there a way to get your voice heard when all they want to do is shut you and your proposal down. The best way is to get the media up and that is what is being done. I heard a suggestion saying why doesn't he participate in elections and do something - i couldn't help but laugh myself at it. Even if he does that, what are the odds of he being able to get this thing he wanted from paper into action.

This is no longer a fight for Anna nor a mass gathering of uneducated protesters, but a fight for their country by the people who realized this may be their best chance to create a difference. And to clarify it again these protests are not in support of Anna, but in support of the Jan Lok Pal Bill.

With this, i conclude my speech part and go to participate in the protest being organized by my Institute.