Monday, April 13, 2009

Testimonial Time

testimonial = Something given or done as an expression of esteem

i donno wer to start but must say i was the one who was really xcited wen i came to knew about this yr buk

i wasnt actually expecting it dis early but then anyway its spree time wid 4 holidays to write for

day 1...i started to write for whomever i knew just to become the 1st one to write a testi for them..wid just testi written inside it..(dont worry i'l write one better shortly)...i actually feel one shud b writing testimonial for everyone he knew (a bit)...just xpress anything he feels to...doesnt really matter short or big...he's talkin currently or not....he's a boy or a gal....afterall u've been seeing them for last 3 years...

m just not getting any m ore words for testis now...

keep waitng for more
more on reflections on MY bitsian life in my next blog

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