Saturday, April 4, 2009

The start up ( first one!!!)

Atlast, almost nearing the 1st anniversary of my account in blogger i've finally decided to start write blogs myself for the sake of my account & also to get myself good practice ahead of my gre exam ( oh yes its on 2nd july...wish me luck ppl) :P
well as m famously known for my laziness & indolence, it showed even into dis i only felt writing blogs as of wasting my energy, time & intellect equally alike and even thought of it as something dats done only by a few net freaks and lonely dumbos who are dying to get themselves acknowledged
obviously gre wasnt my sole reason to start writing blogs now ( aint a reason at's just a reason to tel ppl to prove myself a pro fro or watever u call it), i was actually in hell boredom at 2:00am in the morning waiting to see the hour hand move 5 more degrees to go watch the cricket match in the c'mon rum wid india placed at 375/9 overnite(ind-nz 3rd test end of 1st day)
after all dumb chats wid everyone possible, i was looking for these fwded mails in my inbox which usually it'll be flooded with & i found a mail frm my frnd asking to visit his blog, which made me remember of my site(dis site) & here i'm writing all dis crap for u to read
i actually had to search for my site...'cos i actually registered in a couple (or triple) of 'em & my memory's gud enough to get me bak to my site within three searches :P
after all dis..the feeling's been gud & i might b tempted myself writing another one tomorow itself( well not bcos der's match tomorrow too and i assure it wud b something more meaningful ;) )
well bfore u lock ur rooms to cum kick my ass (if in campus) or search my name across the gtalk to lambast i wud rather safely end dis one wid a 100 million smiles to you :)
keep waiting for more !!!


Prajeeth Reddy said...

nice start buddy.... hope u will have fun blogging, carry on... :atb... :P

Thirumalesh said...

yea really a nice start

i just impressed n ll start my blog too :)

Ujwala said...

hi... cool.. liked this very much...
go on..i'll keep ready..
though i don't blog.. i of late go into the habit of reading friends' blogs :)

Áנคy Ŷשร said...

(to tmh)thx buddy... :)

Bigshow... said...

good strt.... carry on...:)