Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sometimes Terror finds NO ONE

Just a week after finding myself a HOUSEFUL BOARD after debating up with a Kannada guy, squeezing myself into a tissue paper, and waiting 3 & half hours in the cloudburst...i just could not imagine that this could happen to me again. Yes, i was talking about Magadheera (for 1st day 2nd show).

Yeah, it's been quite some time i've written something over here, but still I find this the perfect one i couldn't stop myself publishing it over here. Many a times i thought about writing - be it about my GRE; about my ps2 station Broadcom India Pvt Ltd, Bangalore or its 1st month experiences (i agree its all about money and boredom); about my city where i supposedly ate farex for 3yrs and yet remember nothing-Bangalore ;) but none could bring me out of my lazyness or rather get me out of my feeling why write blogs when you just couldn't get yourself a decent GRE score...hmm wierd/logicless rite? :)

Well coming to the point of this blog, after a heated up discussion on rgv, me & kt went to the 10pm show of Agyaat(hoon mein) & we're the 1st to enter into the theatre at 9:50pm. We were waiting and waiting and then finally "welcome outside" came the shout (rather jus a small call..i thought it was so loud and harassing that i could only come out of it after a minute). We were the only two guys or noobs or idiots or kasi dogs, watever way u call it to come for the movie show & no one else turned out and thus the cancellation of the show..yea SHOW CANCELLED (5th day 2nd show). The theatre guy later asked us to go to some other movie instead of it in the multiplex, but i just couldn't get into any other coming in for a rgv product :P

Well you could call it an embarrassment, i would take it as a once in lifetime experience....dat too for free :D going in, coming out!!!

NOTE: Don't misunderstand me to be a movie freako coz of dis blog, just as I wrongly interpreted the rgv's blog www.rgvzoomin.com

But whatever happens, rgv \m/

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