Sunday, April 5, 2009

"Ugadi 09" @ Bits-Pilani,Goa Campus \m/

i wasn't actually sure about the way how it would go this time as it clashed rite into the heart of our test 2 dates & also i was uncertain b'cos of the given fact that the main organizer for the last 2 yrs..harsha konduri was missing dis time around
The celebrations dis time have to be pushed back a little for the tests to take their toll first and surprisingly the customary 3 parts of celebrations (special andhra thali
(lunch) ; screening telugu movie and; the culturals) have got a new friend dis time in the form of tollywood quiz dis time \m/ the former two were done on the day before (3rd april) & yeah, when better than on the auspicious occasion of ram navami to set off the celebrations ( yuppy its a holiday too...but got myself an extra class of 2 hrs :( )



Part1: The Special Lunch

hmm so rite after the classes at 12pm (i dint attend the ram navami pooja bcos of the goddamn clas... & got my fair amount of dosage from my mom for it),v went directly to the mess(me tarun & prajeeth...later joined by kartheek & pa
ddu (senior ;)) to be the first to grab my fifty rupees lunch( yes v andhrites paid for it, else where do u thing the whole college including the faculty get the lunch free from)..
.the lunch menu : mirchi bajji, papad, dabulka meeta (sweet....jus asked my friend the name of it), endi mirapakay, tamarind rice, puri, cauliflower pakoda, gongura pachadi, avakai pachadi, potato kurma, dadhojanam, mango dal, sambar & panakam
well all the items were good & expected a better curry ( brinjal would have made it yummy)... i wasn't all that hungry & should have actually taken it an hr later...but managed to taste all the items & was vvery much satisfied with the food & the gals who make it look rich with their langa vonis, & sarees ( v actually had to go to the other mess C( for which the faculty came) to find them wer they were in good numbers) so dats it with the mess or lunch or spl lunch rather... & had to go to room & hav a good nap for my food to digest

Part2: The Movie
movie: Ready

people pondered about the movie for over a month-over the possible choices & wich one would make a good one to view it all together...and in the end, had to say it bcame quite an easy option to select...with no other good movie in the race...& Ready being the latest dvd rip out in dc so there's no kind of voting dis time for the movie...( wich certainly creates much unwanted commotion) & everyone's happy with the pick
movie time night 7:45pm...& the venue's been outdoor lawns instead of the auditorium, as people liked it the previous time....english subtitles too were kept for the movie on the demand of non-telugu people (with the last time super success of happy days \m/)...i was there at the lawns by 8pm and the most comedy show of the week ka Paul interview was shown after which the long awaited trailers of heroes, heroines & comedians started later (with everyone shouting for their own stars...literarally converting it into win ur star with your shout contest) & in an alphabetical order dis time to show no hierarchy...
movie started around 9pm and i went for my dinner & then rushed bak for the movie in 20min....the movie as i already saw it rocked & finished at11:30pm...(jus the time when we should supposedly be in our hostels....) & everyone rushed back to
their respective hostels



Part 3: Tollywood Quiz
this one is completely new & was being conducted first time int he campus as per my knowledge...i found it exciting enough and thus made a grp wid tarun & prajeeth...& rushed to lt4 at 5:30pm....i tried my level best to remeber a telugu face who doesnt see movies & found none :(...
so der at the venue.....dozens of groups were found waiting to unveil their special knowledge....
the event started around 6pm...wid preliminary round of about 40 questions...on paper...and we got 33 correct & guess wat....we didn't advance to the next the average was 34 ...hell is the second round was a typical quizzing round wid questions of various marks & Animuthyalu \m/...the questions were easy -difficult-very difficult...thus giving way to the lucky few anyway i felt lucky enough to be on the audience side for allowing to get ourselves a few bar one chocolates( for audiences questions...and we got 'em till they ran out of stock) it was cool, fun, & above all an enjoyable experience we left it at 9pm feeling ouselves tired(no ac :( ), & hungry...the next rounds were awesome as told by friends with videos & stuff...but i just cudn't hang on there for details..................



Part 4: Culturals
the most awaited part of ugadi celebrations were kept for sunday evenin dhamaka....the event was attended by Goa Andhra Association honestly speaking, i didnt have any high expectations & was justing hoping to have some good time pass...but from the time of its prayer song to the ending thanking note....which was surprisingly small this time :D everything fell just in the rite place
the show supposedly to be started at 5:30pm..with all the time at its feet 7 making mokery of the very few who attended on started at 6:45pm
culturals: prayer song, kuchipudi dance, duet, group dance, unconventional music, ka lol interview, bits tv9 news, concept dance, gals two to dance, boys two to dance, imitating dance, mimickry, tollywood fashion show ( a never before show....obviously the pick of the lot)
i could easily say this was the one show in which no single event of which has made me feel to leave the auditorium....
i thank the andhra samithi for their efforts & making this a grand success this time \m/
final ga cheppochedi enti anaga ugadi kummindi ee sari ani...adhi vishayam

keep waiting for more


Prajeeth Reddy said...

hufff buddy.. nice one.. but xpected more to be frank... and thnx for mentioning my name :P

Ujwala said...

hey..this one really did describe our rocking Ugadi here at BPGC in totality...
u r getting better rey.. or may b u always were.
praj..chance kottesaavga.. naa peru undedhi.. kaani ajj ki kopam vachindhi :(

Áנคy Ŷשร said...

(to praj)hmm ee the length of it man....m just blogging n not giving a bulletin....i jus became tired wrting it halfway down....kotha kadha ra :P

(to buj)kopam ga lekapoyina, wat did u do to get ur name in my blog???