Monday, December 7, 2009

Bangalore's best weekend \m/

an account of a 2day - 1night journey into nature's own land..

place: nagarhole national park
through: bmc
by: 11 bitsians(me, kt, radha, sharat, pp, vollelo, abha, ved pragyan, sania, asmita & anshul (pilani)) & 6 others
date: 5th & 6th december

The weekend came closer & closer and we (me & kt) were desperate to push the limits of weekend out of city, after all it was the last weekend for us...
People were tentative & had numerous reasons to jump out of the plans; I had no hopes of us making it but for persistence from kt (yea, due credits)
At last six of us were ready (exclude the gals & the pilani guy from the above list) & the cost came out at 2350 per head.

The 1st surprise was in the form of our batch mates who joined us in the bus for our camping trip (the 5 gals).. We started at around 6:40 on saturday morning and reached Camp Leopard Rock (as its called in the outskirts of nagarhole national park) having our break fast on the way...

Static tents & river view greeted us there and we 6 of us took a single tent & had lunch later on in the ant-lion den (the name of our dining hall there :D) ..

Around 2 our introductions were done & had some fun games like Virtual volleyball, Carpet folding and some other games of unknown names :)

Later we had Ladder Climbing & River Crossing activities as a part of Soft Adventure activities (O.o) which had enough hard adventure for me to sweat in and out..

It was then time for platinum peak of thrill and boundless ire of excitement - its rapelling time... its nothing but walking on a rock.. only difference being that the rock here is rotated 90 degrees.. he explained us how to do it... and its all in believing him that nothing ugly could happen.. As facts need to be accepted- People who feel living is a waste or rather feel they've lived enough could enjoy these adventure activities to the maximum, atleast thats what i felt :)

The night was lit up by the camp fire in the electricity less (moon less too) area and the remainder of the night was spent in chatting, antyakshari and all other regular stuff


We woke up early as instructed and boarded into the bus as we started off for National Park... We boarded a different bus (a glass view) in the park for a jungle safari which lasted for about an hour which had feelings of disappointment caused due to over expectations (to see tigers & lions) lapping over satisfaction of a first time safari in a jungle..

We returned to our base around 12 in the noon and wasted little time before letting ourselves into white water rafting (my sole reason for the trip)..
Our instructor Mr. Sudheer explained us all the to-knows of rafting and then it was all fun and enjoyment - it would only be an insult to think of explaining it fully in blogs or through pics; Had a good swim deep inside the river jumping off from the rapelling tube (excuse me for not knowing exactly what its called) ; And later had a race as we were divided into 2groups for the rapelling

Volleyball(real this time) with wet clothes was great thereafter with almost all the guys in the trip took a game; following it up with mail exchanging for obvious reasons..

As we are coming to an end of a great trip, thanks has to be told to bmc (bangalore mountaineering club) for their really good organization with high safety standards making our trip an eventful one

This's gonna stay in my memory for a long, real long time as my 1st rafting/rapelling experience

(for more pics, peek into my facebook album)

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