Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Anti-BITS System


1. Where people look down on you if you do df (i feel kinda lonely in that aspect over here)
2. Where profs rag you and the seniors save you (yea, u got it right)
3. Where you need to have loads of free time to watch a single movie, just like the one now, and 'm wasting it to write a blog :(
4. Where "Muggo Fachhon Muggo" becomes the only slogan you are bombarded with.
5. When ms excel is enough to give you goose bumps.
6. Where the interview for a club can last over 30min, whilst the interview for IIMA selection lasted just over 10mins :|
7. If IIMA in India = Harvard in the World, then Ahmedabad in India = Sahara deserts in the World.
8. Where i can become the top sharer in DC++.
9. Where you get download speeds of 1Mbps but no time to enjoy it.
10. When everyone calls you Sir on the first day and you get confused (atleast freshers will)
11. Where even a bday party needs an invite and every bday bash has one.
12. When you put in six hours of effort for the classes and the prof doesn't ask you, but asks you exactly when you don't prepare.
13. Where gods live in campus in Professor avatars.
14. When you think of time and schedules every 15min, and say to yourself shit happens, just like now !!!


Prajeeth Reddy said...

i pitty u dude.. :P

go back to BITS and enjoy urself... :D

Áנคy Ŷשร said...

@praj cant help myself